Standard Textile

Founded in 1940, Standard Textile has developed a culture of innovation, quality and service. With more than 70 patents, our products are engineered to deliver durability, longevity and value. We go far beyond just providing on-time, quality products to our clients. We partner with you to drive out excess operational costs from your laundry and linen system.

A vertically integrated company, we’re a leading global provider of end-to-end solutions for the institutional textile and apparel markets. Leveraging textile design, manufacturing and laundry expertise, as well as our global infrastructure, we serve customers in the healthcare, hospitality, decorative products and industrial apparel marketplaces worldwide.

A Global Presence

Innovating at Every Stage

Standard Textile’s well-structured vertical integration and global supply chain give customers access to leading-edge technology, consistent product quality, and dependable on-time delivery – worldwide. Our full control of the company’s global supply chain also provides an opportunity to innovate at every stage of the life cycle — from fiber engineering through finished product to integrated laundry solutions.

24 manufacturing and distribution facilities in 12 countries 

Including facilities in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, and over 4,000 motivated associates, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions that offer the greatest value to our customers.

Cutting Edge Innovation: Centium Core Technology

Engineered Centium Core Technology® is a patented weaving process available exclusively in terry and sheeting products manufactured by Standard Textile.

Utilizing proprietary optimized polymer performance enhancement engineering, Centium Core Technology® provides an unprecedented combination of:

Luxurious hand and feel 

Unsurpassed durability 

Extended service life

Discover end-to-end savings with this exclusive technology.

Centium Core Luxury Line

Centium Satin Bedsheet


Lavish Centium Satin™ combines the genuine luxury of long-staple, ring-spun, combed cotton
with patented texturized microfilament yarns.
Centium Satin™ Sheets and Pillowcases are engineered to offer a sensuously soft hand. A
proprietary micro emulsion finish ensures they retain their exquisite feel throughout their
service life.
65% Ring Spun Combed Cotton 
35% Centium® Core Microfilament Polyester.

Euroclassique Towel


EuroClassique® provides the unsurpassed luxury of premium terry products made with long-
staple, ring-spun, combed cotton pile yarns.
These towels include an elegantly woven dobby border, and enhanced performance utilizing
Centium® technology microfilaments in the core.
100% combed cotton ring spun loops, Centium Core Technology®.

Luxury Stripe Towel


Luxury Stripe® provides the unsurpassed luxury of premium terry products made with long-
staple, ring-spun, combed cotton pile yarns.
These towels are accented with our stylish, sculpted stripe design and elegantly woven dobby
100% extra long-staple premium quality cotton loops with a Centium® Microfilament core.

Centima Sheets


Centima® combines luxurious cotton with texturized microfilament synthetic yarns, providing
both cotton-rich comfort and unsurpassed strength.
The result is truly innovative sheeting products— luxurious and durable, comfortable and cost
effective—that’s Centima® performance!
75% Ring Spun Cotton 25% Centium® Microfilament Polyester

Integrated Bed Scarf


Standard Textile’s exclusive integrated bed scarf combines function and fashion.
The All in One construction joins the bed scarf and the top cover, so there is no need to
purchase or dry-clean a separate scarf.
This innovative product simplifies bed makeup, assures consistent and symmetrical orientation,
and discourages pilferage.
Manufactured with Centium Core Technology®.

Versatility Fitted Sheets


Only available from Standard Textile, the Versatility® Fitted Sheet is the first viable woven
alternative to knitted fitted sheets.
The fabric is woven, so the stretch characteristic is present in the length of the sheet, where it is
most needed.
The Versatility® Fitted Sheet contains no elastic or latex of any kind, allowing for unsurpassed




ComforTwill® combines the comfort and style of luxurious cotton with the durability of
Centium® texturized microfilament synthetic yarns.
ComforTwill® provides style, cotton-rich comfort, and unsurpassed strength.
These sheets and pillowcases are engineered to deliver the true ultrasmooth hand of genuine
single-pick construction.
70% Ring Spun Cotton
 30% Centium® Microfilament Polyester

Luxury Stripe Robe

These premium terry robes are accented by the same distinctive, sculpted stripe design as our
Luxury Stripe® towels.
Premium terry robes woven from long-staple, ring-spun combed cotton pile yarns for maximum
durability and loft.
90% cotton / 10% polyester heavyweight

Elevations: Uncompromising Luxury Innovation

Elevations by Standard Textile is designed to save laundry costs without affecting customer experience. Standard Textile does this by reducing the fill in the sides of the towels & comforter while maintaining the luxurious touch in the centre.

This translates to up to 15% weight savings, directly translating to a 15% saving in laundry cost on a per kilo basis.

Experience innovation. Experience Elevations.

Elevations Line

Elevations Comforter

The centerpiece of any hotel room is the bed. And if the centerpiece of that bed is the soaring
cloud of an Elevations™ comforter, your guests know they’ve just taken a big step up in
performance. And yet, that extravagant loft is the cost-saving secret of the Elevations™
comforter. Standard Textile engineered this comforter to have more fill on top, where warmth
matters most, and less on the sides, reducing un-needed weight.

Elevations Towel with Centium Core Technology

Elevations™ is an innovative concept in performance terry.
Targeted weight distribution focuses loft and absorbency in the center of the towel where
performance matters most.
Woven Jacqard designs accent each end of the towel to create a nearly indiscernible variance in
Luxurious long-staple, ring-spun 100% combed cotton loops combine with a Centium®
Microfilament core.

Elevations Pool Towel 

with Centium Core Technology

Elevations™ Pool towels embody performance, using an innovative concept in terry.
Targeted weight distribution focuses loft and absorbency in the center of the towel where
performance matters most.
Woven Jacqard designs accent each end of the towel to create a nearly indiscernible variance in
loft, and color fastness.
Luxurious long-staple, ring-spun 100% combed cotton loops.

Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental issues are increasingly shaping the context of our business. The cost, availability, utilization and management of energy and water, and the use of chemistry in the manufacturing and processing of our products all have implications for operations throughout the value chain—from the cotton farmer through the end user. To extend and improve the environmental stewardship of our industry, we’ve developed a culture of sustainability within our company. We embed sustainability principles in supply chain programs, product development, new technologies and innovation. We’re also committed to helping customers reduce their energy, chemical and water consumption. For us, innovation is a key enabler to the environmental challenges facing our industry and our planet.