Deeply cleansing and purifying, this treatment gently regulates your skin’s natural balance, ensuring a visible reduction of sebum secretion and impurities. Thanks to specific purifying mask, your skin recovers its suppleness, natural hydration level and your skin’s natural health.

Anti Blemish Intensive Corrector 50ml

This corrector visibly fades blemishes and redness. Applied locally, it gently dries out pimples, leaving the skin clear. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – PARABEN FREE – PHENOXYETHANOL FREE

Usage tips:
Apply morning and evening directly on perfectly cleansed blemishes.

Type Of Skin:
From mix to oily skin

Efficacy testing:
Controlled pimples and reduced the size of blemishes: 95% Worked without damaging the skin: 100% Satisfaction rate. Tested over 28 days on 21 volunteers with oily to acne-proneskin using a twice-daily application of Anti-blemish Intesive Corrector.

Purifying Matifying Fluid 150ml

This daily moisturizing * treatment regulates excess sebum, leaving the skin less oily and clearer, day after day. It mattifies, soothes and delivers comfort and radiance. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – NON-COMEDOGENIC – FREE PARABEN – PHENOXYETHANOL FREE * Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.

Usage tips:
Apply to the face and neck or locally to the T-zone (morning / evening).

Type Of Skin:
From mixed to oily skin

Efficacy testing:
Purified and soothed the skin: 100% Effective as a make-up base: 90% Satisfaction rate. Purifying Matifying Fluid. Tested over 28 days on 20 volunteers.

Purifying Exfoliating Mask 150ml

This mask absorbs sebaceous secretions and unclogs pores. It refines the skin’s texture, tightens pores and leaves the skin smoother and softer.  DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – FREE PARABEN –

Usage tips:
Leave on for about 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use 2 to 3 times per week.

Type Of Skin:
All skin types

Efficacy testing:
Refined the skin’s texture: 100% Purified the skin: 100% Left the skin looking smoother: 100% Softened the skin: 100% Satisfaction rate. Tested over 21 days on 19 women, 21-52 yo, with combination to oily skin using a three times daily application of Purifying Exfoliating Mask.

Usage Tips

How do I identify my skin type?
It is more accurate to talk about skin problems rather than skin types. The skin is a living organ that renews itself and evolves in its environment, including the elements, stress, hormones and diet. Learn to identify your skin. For example, if you want to remove blemishes while limiting
redness, apply Soothing Tolerance redness, apply Soothing Tolerance Serum on your skin and follow it up with Purifying Matifying Fluid. Listen to your skin. Its needs can change from month to month, and your skincare routine should change with along with them.

As a man, what should I do?
Men shave often, which damages the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. A moisturizing skincare product will calm the burn and help to rebuild the hydrolipidic film. Men also have thicker skin than women. Since they are more dilated, it is recommended that they be used in the morning.

What is the purpose of exfoliating?
Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells. It also stimulates microcirculation to promote the penetration of the next active ingredients you apply. In addition, exfoliation encourages cell renewal. The skin is made of multiple layers, which are renewed every month. Exfoliation
speeds the process. Mask treatments should be used 1 to 2 times / week, depending on the skin problem.