Alleviating skin irritations and reducing skin redness, Ino Sensi soothing care effectively reduces the reactivity of the skin through improving the cutaneous tolerance while providing instant comfort and relief. The vasoconstrictor effect tonifies blood capillaries. Combining relaxation and facial treatment in one, the Ino Sensi experience offers a nourished skin that is soft, moisturized and healthier.

High Tolerance Protective Fluid 150ml

Nourishing and half-moisturizing, this fluid protects and diminishes discomfort every day. It reduces redness and blemishes, restoring the skin’s well-being, softness and comfort. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – HYPOALLERGENIC – FREE PARABEN – PHENOXYETHANOL FREE *
Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.

Usage tips:
Apply to the face and neck (morning / evening).

Type Of Skin:
Sensitive and reactive skin

Efficacy testing:
Soothed the skin: 90% Reduced tightness: 95% Reduced redness: 72% Satisfaction rate. High
Tolerance Protective Fluid.

Sea wash Soothes, Shea butter Nourishes

Soothing Tolerance Serum 50ml

Soothing Tolerance Serum reduces the effects of skin intolerance and sensations of tightness and discomfort. It will leave the skin soothed and less vulnerable, and therefore less reactive and less sensitive. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – HYPOALLERGENIC – FREE PARABEN – PHENOXYETHANOL FREE

Usage tips:
Apply 2 to 3 drops in the morning and evening (morning / evening).

Type Of Skin:
Sensitive and reactive skin

Efficacy testing:
Reduced skin inflammation: 80% Diminished skin sensitivity day after day: 100% 85% Lessened skin reactivity: 100% 81% Satisfaction rate. Tested over 21 days on 21 volunteers with sensitive skin using a two-daily application of Soothing Tolerance Serum.

Arnica flower Soothes

Usage Tips

What is the purpose of a serum and when should I use it?
Serums are specially formulated to boost skin cell activity. They work in synergy with creams to produce a strong multiply effect. Match your soothing serum with a hydrating cream. Any combination is possible, depending on your specific skincare needs. Never use a serum on its own.

How should I care for sensitive skin?
Use skincare products expressly formulated for sensitive skin for daytime and nighttime soothing.

How can I reduce facial redness?
The green pigment in creams specifically formulated for this condition will soften facial redness.