Aquadose – 1kg

– A combination of macro elements and traces elements found in seawater.
– A very similar composition of the blood serum.
– Optimizes the efficiency of the cares.
– Fortifies and revitalizes the epidermis.

Seawater concentration, Sodium chloride

Body Activating Serum Gel – 500ml

– Excellent primer which prepares the skin to receive treatments.
– Combined with massage, the Body Activating Serum Gel helps to activate superficial
microcirculation and helps dilate pores for easy and more effective absorption of products
and/or treatments.
– The skin is now prepared to receive the specific treatment, with optimal conditions to
enhance the benefits and obtain better results.

Laminaria Algae

Gentle Marine Body Scrub – 500ml

– Removes softly the dead cells and the impurities in order to optimize the penetration of the
next skincare active ingredients.
– The rough layer is reduced. The skin is softer and brighter.
– Ideal for thin and sensitive skins.

Laminaria, Laminaria, Spirulina, Apricot kernel powder, Vitamin E, White clay (Kaolin)

Marine Body Oil – 500ml
– Delicately perfumed, satins the epidermis and leaves a soft sensation on the skin.
– Releases micro-elements at the heart of the epidermis to remineralize and leaves a soft
protective film which slow down the dehydration of the skin.
– Gorgeous deep blue sea color, delicate fragrance.
– Neither too greasy nor too dry, this oil leaves skin non-sticky and ready to dress again.

Laminaria, Sweet Almond Oil, Azulene, Vitamin E

Sweet & Salty Scrub – 1.4kg

– Inspired from the natural scrub of the waves in the body, it brings light and purity to the skin.
– The combination between thin salts and sugar powder eliminates dead cells, smoothes and
scrubs all imperfections of the surface of the skin.
– The skin is soft and smooth, the texture of the skin is unified and lighten.
– Ideal for thick skins.
Sugar, Thin Salts