Contouring Complex – 50ml

– Reduces inflammation of the adipocytes and thus the cellulite.
– Through its action on adipokines (leptin and adiponectin), it stimulates lipolysis in human
adipocytes and helps to reduce fat located in rebel areas.

Active :
Fucus Algae, Caffein, Suaeda Maritima, Citrus Essential Oils

Relaxing Complex – 50ml

– Improves relaxation, decontraction.
– Thanks to their purity and their concentration in active ingredients, the complexes act in
synergy with our bath or our wraps for a better efficiency.

Laminaria, Relaxing Active Ingredients (Organic Lavander, Organic Wild Pensy, Calendula)

Toning Complex – 50ml

– Helps the skin to self-regulate the synthesis of VEGF:
– Healthy skin: Stimulates the production of VEGF to maintain a good skin homeostasis.
– Inflammatory stress: Inhibits the synthesis of VEGF in order to reduce the inflammatory
condition related to the malfunction of the cutaneous microvascularization.

Palmaria Palmata Algae, Aloe Vera, Horse Chestnut, Menthol, Rosmary essential oil