Beauty Escape Cares

Divine Cream – 1kg

– The body skincare for dehydrated and demineralized skins.
– This precious cream is a real jewel which hydrates* and surrounds you in a sublimating veil.

Deep Seawater from Bora Bora , Pearl Powder, Noni, Algo-monoï Turbinaria, Pigments (gold
and silver)

Relaxing Body Oil – 500ml

– The fragrance is relaxing 95%
– The product is ideal for the massage 100%
– The product beautifies the skin 100%
– The product gives you a good impression 100%

Marine Massage Stamps

– Remineralizing, soothing, hydrating* and protecting properties.
– Provides an original feeling of escape for a deep relaxation.
– 100% natural quality fabric, composed of 90% cotton and 10% linen, washed with water
before manufacturing without any chemical substance.

Chondrus Crispus