Algo Silhouette

Silhouette Powder Wrap – 2kg

– A really effective treatment for cellulite.
– Its active ingredients rapidly detoxify the fatty deposits and encourage the elimination of
– Slims, nourishes and hydrates the upper layers of the skin.

Laminaria Algae, Fucus Algae, Lithothamnium, Essential oils of grapefruit, Sweet Orange and
Green Mandarin, Caffein

Silhouette Shaper

– Drains and helps eliminate congested waste.
– Stimulates and boosts blood circulation.
– Softens the fibrosis and the resistant fat.

Silky Tightening Cream – 500ml

– Silky cream effectively targeting sagging skin.
– The skin on the body is suppler and firmer, as if tautened, and the silhouette contours seem
– Non-oily texture helping to get dressed immediately after application.

Active :
Firming Complex, Pea Peptides, Chondrus Crispus Algae, Vitamin E