Hotel and Spa Essentials Towels & Linen Range

Hotel and Spa Essentials offers 2 of the most innovative manufacturers of towels and linens in the world to suit your needs. Whether your property chooses to do laundry in house or outsource it to an external laundry, we carry solutions that save you money without compromise.

Standard Textile

Specially designed for those who do offsite laundry, Standard Textile has a swathe of innovations that saves up to 15% per laundry load without compromising the end user experience. Centium Core Technology also guarantees a soft touch while guaranteeing a longer service life.


One of the most innovative towels on the market today, Ecoknit is specially designed for those who do their laundry in-house. Ecoknit guarantees up to 40% quicker drying times and 40% less water usage. This translates to a direct saving for the hotel property manager, while maintaining a soft cotton touch to the end user.