Philippines To Target Retiree Tourists

Tourism has been one of the rallying points of the country as a way to increase our economic viability. Now with infrastructure in place, the country is hoping to target a big chunk of retiree tourists as a part of a long-term tourism growth plan.

During the 20th Chamber of Real Estate & Builders’ Association, Vice President Jejomar Binay expressed that the convergence of real estate and tourism will be a big selling point for the Philippines moving forward. The country has always welcomed foreign retirees, but with the latest developments in real estate, targeting retirees not only to visit the country but also to live here can provide a significant boost to the economy.

This can only be done with target new segments that will cater to these tourists such as cultural tours, health and wellness, conferences, exhibits, and cruises. While the details of the plan are murky, the goal is to double foreign tourist arrivals to 6.6 million by 2016, with retirees taking a significant part in this growth. Much of the initial market hopes to be made up of Japan’s graying population.

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