Formulated to give off an aroma of succulent fruits, the Island Breeze range is designed to keep you smelling zesty and fresh whether you plan on having an active day in the sun, or kicking back under the shade!


15ml Conditioning Shampoo
15ml Shampoo*
15ml Conditioner
15ml Shower Gel
15ml Body Lotion
30ml Conditioning Shampoo*
30ml Shampoo
30ml Conditioner
30ml Shower Gel
30ml Body Lotion
5L Conditioning Shampoo
5L Shampoo
5L Conditioner
5L Shower Gel
5L Body Lotion

* Buy to order items, subject to MOQ


15g Round Soap – Pleat Wrapped
20g Round Soap – Pleat Wrapped
30g Round Soap – Pleat Wrapped


Vanity Kit  – Plastic Sachet
Shower Cap – Plastic Sachet
Sewing Kit – Plastic Sachet*
Shaving Kit – Plastic Sachet
Dental Kit – Plastic Sachet