The luxury in simplicity

Subtle alchemy of natural active ingredients, noble perfumes and bottles with clean lines express the refinement of the brand that is distinguished by its simplicity and timeless Parisian elegance

The Spa Spirit

The Spa is inseparable from OMNISENS Paris because it is the origin during the creation of the brand in 2004. Our sole aim is to offer our guests moments of absolute well-being, performance and association relaxation for optimal results in Spa or at home.

The French know-how

To meet its quality requirements and ensure innovation the brand is exclusively formulated in France.


OMNISENS literally means “all directions”. The awakening of each direction by the scents, textures, and touch creates a real sensory pleasure and allows access to the immediate well-being.


An important source of inspiration for the whole range of cosmetics and spa treatment the range is over 90% natural and paraben free. The use of recyclable materials and water waste management by filtering gardens are the brands commitments.


30ml Conditioning Shampoo
30ml Conditioner
30ml Bath Shower Gel
30ml Body Lotion
55ml Conditioning Shampoo
55ml Conditioner
55ml Bath Shower Gel
55ml Body Lotion


20g Gentle Soap
40g Massage Soap


Cotton Buds
Shower Cap
Sewing Kit
Shoe Mitt
Manicure Set
Make-up Remover Pads
Shaving Set
Dental Set