A story of passion and plants,

A story between a father and his daughter …

“I have always been fascinated by the inestimable power of plants and, at a very early age, was convinced by my father – a pharmacy researcher – that the plant world is the source of the most significant therapeutic discoveries. This belief inspired in me the basis of the NUXE philosophy: to reveal the prodigious nature of plants on the skin.” Aliza Jabès, President and CEO of NUXE Group

For NUXE, honey also means sustainable development

The respect for Nature has always been at the very heart of NUXE history and the balance of biodiversity is one of its major concerns.

Bees are a threatened species and as major pollinators in ecosystems that contain flowering plants their decline would have a major impact.

That is why NUXE made a commitment to save bees in partnership with “Un toit pour les abeilles” (A home for bees) by sponsoring hives implanted in the Vosges area of France.



40ml Shampoo
40ml Hair Conditioner
40ml Hair & Body Cleansing Gel
40ml Body Lotion


20g Face & Body Soap
40g Massage Soap


Vanity Kit
Cotton Buds
Shower Cap and Scrunchie
Sewing Kit
Shoe Shine Sponge
Dental Kit