Professional beauty care products, born from the Institute Care experience.


An irreplaceable experience

Over 60 years of Practice in Institute Care, remarkable methods that have proved their worth in thousands of cases, an exceptional knowledge of the aesthetic problems of women and men, that is the strength of Clarins.

Clarins, pioneer of natural beauty

Clarins has always favored components of vegetable origin. In its laboratories, doctors, biologists and cosmetologists analyze and relentlessly test the properties of thousands of plants for the same purpose: to use the most effective extracts in their best concentration, for an optimal beauty result.

Today the Clarins brand is present in 150 countries and has millions of loyal customers worldwide. A fidelity that owes nothing to chance…


30ml Invigorating Shine Shampoo
30ml Invigorating Shine
30ml Invigorating Shower Gel
30ml Invigorating Body Lotion
60ml Invigorating Shine Shampoo
60ml Invigorating Shine
60ml Invigorating Shower Gel
60ml Invigorating Body Lotion


30g Cream Soap
60g Cream Soap


Cotton Buds
Shower Cap and Scrunchie
Sewing Kit
Gentle Exfoliating Mitt
Shoe Pad
Manicure Set
Make-up Remover Pads
Shaving Set
Dental Set