A solar brand

A Mediterranean brand par excellence, bathed in sunlight and soaked in color. The sun, source of energy and positivism, has always thrilled Loris Azzaro’s heart and mind. Symbol of life and positivity, it is one of the main sources of inspiration, both in his couture and fragrance creations. Today, more than even, it is the emblem of the Azzaro brand.

A Mediterranean brand

The Azzaro brand is in the image of its founder: a man with a seductive instinct, inherited from his Mediterranean roots. More than a lifestyle, there is in Azzaro a form of solar hedonism, a Mediterranean art of living. The Azzaro brand calls to men and women who embrace the sensation of living an endless summer.

A Mediterranean brand to experience

Azzaro accompanies your daily life beyond a contemplative state of mind. The Azzaro spirit gives you the impulse to magnify your life and pursue your dreams. It “walks” rather than “talks”. Success through taking risks, following your instinct, living to inspire is the spirit of the Azzaro world. The Azzaro brand encourages men and women to defy destiny, take their chances and attract desire.

A brand with a passion

Azzaro aims to share strong and sincere emotions, mutual sensations, new experiences, and human adventures. All Azzaro creations are crafted by renown artesian perfumers uncompromising in the selection of ingredients and employing the highest standards at all times. This dedication to excellence gives Azzaro Parfums their asserted and authentic personality. For a genuine and passionate relationship.


45ml Shampoo
45ml Conditioner
45ml Shower Gel
45ml Body Lotion


30g Soap
50g Soap