Green Initiatives

Hotel and Spa Essentials maintains a commitment to the planet earth and reducing our environmental impact. Our products are carefully chosen and formulated not only for their innovation, but also environmental effect. We choose products which not only provide the best value for money, but also use the least electricity, don’t need to be replaced, and save water.


EcoKnit® towels are made by UK-based supplier to the hotel industry, Hartdean. From its
inception in 1980, we have been constantly developing and perfecting the technology behind
EcoKnit® towels, and today we’re proud to offer the most technically advanced, energy-
efficient towels you can buy. Along with being energy efficient, EcoKnit Towels also uses far less water than regular, contemporary towels.

Corby of Windsor

Corby of Windsor products 3 year guarantee isn’t there just to save hotels money. But by being reliable, hotels need not add excessive waste to their list of things to worry about as well. Corby products will last you 3 years or we’ll have them fixed and replaced. Furthermore, Corby products also have efficient energy consumption, lowering your hotel’s power requirement needs.

Sustainability Efforts

Plastic waste is one of the biggest concerns that world faces. Hotel and Spa Essentials recognises this problem, and has taken the steps to provide biodegradable packaging for customised amenity ranges. On top of that, Hotel and Spa Essentials also offers a line of advanced dispenser amenities to minimise the amount of plastic waste that fills landfills on a daily basis. 

Furthermore, Hotel and Spa Essentials offers the product lines with safe chemicals to minimise water pollution from the liquid amenities. Along with organic lines, this keeps hotel clients and the earth clean and refreshed.