Cosmetic Imports Assistance

If you are a hotel or spa business in the Philippines and need help to legally import Cosmetics products into the Philippines (from initial pick up at the supplier to delivery to your door) Hotel and Spa Essentials can help. Using information supplied by you or your supplier we will submit all the relevant documents to government authorities in the Philippines and then manage the delivery of products. Items can be sent CIF Manila or we can arrange pick from the origin. Current customers include AmanPulo (Sodashi Cosmetics), Sofitel (Themae Cosmetics) and Fairmont (Aromatherapy Associates) and in the past Hilton (Li'Tya Cosmetics)

Import Services

  • Inclusion of your Company on our License to Operate
  • Notification of products with Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • PIF (Product Information File) Preparation per product as required by the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive or ACD
  • Worry-free delivery of goods to clients

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