Corby and Windsor – Warranty Terms

All mains operated electrical items supplied by Corby carry a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, whilst any non-electrical or battery
powered products carry a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Any item found faulty under the manufacturer’s warranty, Hotel and Spa is required to immediately inform their appointed Corby account manager – Elaine Tan to process the claim.


The warranty period will start from the date of delivery to the end customer. Proof of purchase will be required to confirm the
delivery date.


The manufacturer’s warranty will be voided where faults have arisen due to misuse and abuse.

The warranty will also automatically be considered VOID should the item have been subjected to unauthorized alterations, abuse
or damage by the end user’s failure to provide necessary care and reasonable maintenance.


In order to make a claim under the warranty Corby must be informed immediately, with the details below provided:

  • Detailed explanation on the fault found, what happen before and after a fault was found on an item. Please supply us with as much information as possible.
  • Images of the faulty/damaged item (If any)
  • Proof of purchase by supplying us the Corby order number when the item was initially bought from us as well as proof of delivery date on when the item was sent to the end user.
  • Please provide us with the image of the faulty item’s label to show when the item was made:


Dependable on the nature of the fault, we will then advise if a spare part will be provided to fix the fault or a new unit will be sent as replacement. In certain circumstances, the faulty unit will be requested back for further investigation and a formal report will be generated.