Algotherm Spa Treatments

Indulge in the relaxation of Algotherm Spa Treatments. Full body and facial products available. 

Algo Ligo

Marine Mud from the Mont Sain Michel Bay – 500ml

Naturally rich in sulfur and micro-elements. Natural Mud perfectly tolerated by the skin and providing to the body all mineral elements it needs for its well being. Softens the skin, relaxes muscles, revitalizes the body and calms tensions. This is an Algotherm Exclusive.


Dissolved Sulfurs , Micro-elements (copper, cobalt, aluminum, boron, iodine, lithium, magnesium, manganese, titanium, zinc, sulfur, phosphor, calcium, potassium)

Marine Remineralizing Wrap – 2L

Its elements reinforce seaweeds actions, increasing vital exchanges with the cellular domain. Besides oligo-elements and mineral salts, seaweeds provide proteins and vitamins necessary to the balance and the energy of the body. Very complete, this body wrap contributes to the revitalization and health for a total well being.


Laminaria, Chondrus Crispus, Spiralis seaweed powder

Algo Silhouette

Silhouette Powder Wrap – 2kg

A really effective treatment for cellulite. Its active ingredients rapidly detoxify the fatty deposits and encourage the elimination of waste. Slims, nourishes and hydrates the upper layers of the skin.


Laminaria Algae, Fucus Algae, Lithothamnium, Essential oils of grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Green Mandarin, Caffeine

Silhouette Shaper

Drains and helps eliminate congested waste. Stimulates and boosts blood circulation. Softens the fibrosis and the resistant fat.

Silky Tightening Cream – 500ml

Silky cream effectively targeting sagging skin. The skin on the body is suppler and firmer, as if tautened, and the silhouette contours seem tightened. Non-oily texture helping to get dressed immediately after application.

Active :

Firming Complex, Pea Peptides, Chondrus Crispus Algae, Vitamin E

Algotherm Beauty Escape Cares

Divine Cream – 1kg

The body skincare for dehydrated and demineralized skins. This precious cream is a real jewel which hydrates* and surrounds you in a sublimating veil.


Deep Seawater from Bora Bora , Pearl Powder, Noni, Algo-monoï Turbinaria, Pigments (gold and silver)

Relaxing Body Oil – 500ml

The fragrance is relaxing 95%. The product is ideal for the massage 100%. The product beautifies the skin 100%. The product gives you a good impression 100%.


Sweet Almond Oil and Sunflower Oil, Laminaria Digitata Brown Seaweed extract, Vitamin E

Marine Massage Stamps

Remineralizing, soothing, hydrating* and protecting properties. Provides an original feeling of escape for a deep relaxation. 100% natural quality fabric, composed of 90% cotton and 10% linen, washed with water before manufacturing without any chemical substance.


Chondrus Crispus

Algotherm Complexes

Contouring Complex – 50ml

Reduces inflammation of the adipocytes and thus the cellulite. Through its action on adipokines (leptin and adiponectin), it stimulates lipolysis in human adipocytes and helps to reduce fat located in rebel areas.

Active :

Fucus Algae, Caffein, Suaeda Maritima, Citrus Essential Oils

Relaxing Complex – 50ml

Improves relaxation, decontraction. Thanks to their purity and their concentration in active ingredients, the complexes act in synergy with our bath or our wraps for a better efficiency.


Laminaria, Relaxing Active Ingredients (Organic Lavander, Organic Wild Pensy, Calendula)

Toning Complex – 50ml

Helps the skin to self-regulate the synthesis of VEGF. Healthy skin: Stimulates the production of VEGF to maintain a good skin homeostasis. Inflammatory stress: Inhibits the synthesis of VEGF in order to reduce the inflammatory condition related to the malfunction of the cutaneous microvascularization.


Palmaria Palmata Algae, Aloe Vera, Horse Chestnut, Menthol, Rosmary essential oil

Algotherm Essentials

Aquadose – 1kg

A combination of macro elements and traces elements found in seawater. A very similar composition of the blood serum. Optimizes the efficiency  of the cares. Fortifies and revitalizes the epidermis.


Seawater concentration, Salt

Body Activating Serum Gel – 500ml

Excellent primer which prepares the skin to receive treatments. Combined with massage, the Body Activating Serum Gel helps to  activate superficial microcirculation and helps dilate pores for easy and more effective absorption of products and/or treatments. The skin is now prepared to receive the specific treatment, with optimal conditions to enhance the  benefits and obtain better results.


Laminaria Algae

Gentle Marine Body Scrub – 500ml

Removes softly the dead cells and the impurities in order to optimize the penetration of the next skincare active ingredients. The rough layer is reduced. The skin is softer and brighter. Ideal for thin and sensitive skins.


Laminaria, Laminaria, Spirulina, Apricot kernel powder, Vitamin E, White clay (Kaolin)

Marine Body Oil – 500ml

Delicately perfumed, satins the epidermis and leaves a soft sensation on the skin.  Releases micro-elements at the heart of the epidermis to remineralize and leaves a soft protective film which slow down the dehydration of the skin. Gorgeous deep blue sea color, delicate fragrance. Neither too greasy nor too dry, this oil leaves skin non-sticky and ready to dress again.


Laminaria, Sweet Almond Oil, Azulene, Vitamin E

Sweet & Salty Scrub – 1.4kg

Inspired from the natural scrub of the waves in the body, it brings light and purity to the skin. The combination between thin salts and sugar powder eliminates dead cells, smoothes and scrubs all imperfections of the surface of the skin. The skin is soft and smooth, the texture of the skin is unified and lighten. Ideal for thick skins.


Sugar, Thin Salts