What We Offer


Hotel and Spa Essentials (HSE) is headed by Dr. Mike Turvill, who holds a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry from Nottingham University, UK and has over 21 years international experience in manufacturing, product development and sales. Mike works with a highly seasoned team of experts in product formulation and development, graphics design, customer service, marketing and distribution.

Passion for Quality

Hotel and Spa Essentials is uncompromising in quality. Its Quality Control team ensures that only the best and most carefully screened products are delivered to your hotel. HSE only selects partners and suppliers who share similar values for quality and innovation. Hotel and Spa Essentials is fully compliant with all government regulations and has been a recipient of the 2013 Philippine Quality Challenge Award.

Innovation, Cost Savings & Sustainability

Hotel and Spa Essentials introduces innovative products designed to save you money and protect the environment, like the revolutionary EcoKnit Towels, amenity packaging made with Eco-pure additives and a 3-year guarantee on all electrical items from Corby of Windsor.

Customer Focus

Hotel and Spa Essentials is your partner in enhancing your guests’ experience. We endeavor to provide only the highest levels of customer service to you. We customise products according to your requirements. We help you plan and anticipate your stock requirements are able to keep stock in our own warehouse(s) to ensure that what you need is readily available for you.

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