The Story of Hotel and Spa Essentials

Established in 2002, Hotel and Spa Essentials Inc. offers a wide range of products for both the hotel room and hotel spa. Partners and suppliers are chosen for their commitment to quality and innovation. Products such as shampoo, soaps and dental kits, as well as towels, linens, laundry bags, slippers, irons and ironing boards, kettles, amenity trays, safes and minibars are chosen as much as possible to minimize their effect on the environment and to live up to the Company’s vision,  Saving the Planet One Guest at a Time

The Company holds import licenses issued by the Bureau of Customs and The Bureau of Internal Revenue and is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in the Philippines, as an importer, distributor, exporter and trader of cosmetics. It delivers products from its own warehouses in Manila and Cebu and can deliver throughout the Philippines.

Some of our customers include Manila Hotel, Bellevue Hotels and Resorts, Plantation Bay, Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark, Diamond Manila, Baguio Country Club,  Bohol Beach Club, Marco Polo Hotels, Sofitel, Solaire and Aman Pulo.

The Company initially began as a supplier of spa products (aromatherapy and skincare) to top hotel spas in the country and is the exclusive Philippine distributor of one of the leading global luxury spa brands, Algotherm. In addition, the Company offers its own Filipino-inspired, locally made, aromatherapy line under the Amu’in brand name. The brand has a strong corporate social responsibility as it supports the lemongrass essential oil-producing community of Mambugsay, Negros. Amu’in uses local lemongrass essential oil in its products and donates a percentage of its sales to the Mambugsay community.

In 2008 the Company expanded its portfolio to include hotel guest amenities and has partnered with Groupe GM France to offer a wide range of amenity brands from the worlds of creative design, fashion, cosmetics and spa.

The Company also offers its own signature brands, designed and formulated in the Philippines, under the brand names Amu’in, Island Breeze and Natur. All of the Company’s signature brands are made biodegradable packaging and come with a ‘bulk refill’ option. For customised products the Company is able to work with the customer in creating their amenity brand concept including packaging, formulation and fragrance and then after final approval of pre-production samples offers manufacturing either ex China or ex Europe.

Additional guest room items offered include slippers and laundry bags, irons and ironing centres, kettles, hair dryers, minibars and safes. The latter electrical items are sold through a partnership with Corby of Windsor. In 1929, John Corby designed a non-electrical, horizontal trouser press in a room above a garage in Windsor, UK. Today the company he founded continues to service the world’s top hotels including Hilton, Marriott and Intercontinental. All electrical items offered by Corby come with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

The Company is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Ecoknit Towels. Ecoknit has been proven to reduce towel laundry costs, in many 5* hotels in the Philippines including Grand Hyatt and Okada Manila, by up to 40%. A special construction means the towel is quick drying and water saving and snag resistant which makes it last up to three times longer than a woven towel.
  The Company also offers Standard Textiles linens and terry items and is particularly proud to offer innovations such as Centium technology and Elevations which drive out excess operational costs from hotel laundry and linen operations.

The Company is a member of the Chamber of Cosmetic Industries of the Philippines, Inc. , Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines and the Executive Housekeepers Association and is proud to support many local hotel and restaurant associations across the Philippines.


The Founders

Hotel and Spa Essentials are headed by Husband and Wife principal Co-Founders, Michael William Turvill and Catherine Brillantes Turvill. Together, they form a powerhouse of creative innovation and critical attention to detail.

Dr. Mike Turvill is a British national who holds a Doctorate Degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Nottingham in the UK. Mike also has a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship (Gold medalist) from the Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines.

He is currently a Board Member of the Hotel and Restaurants Association of the Philippines and was a Past President of the Chamber of Cosmetics Industries of the Philippines. Mike has been living in Asia for 21 years, initially moved to China in 1996, for Johnson Diversey, a Unilever subsidiary, where he worked in Operations and Sales leadership roles for 6 years
before moving to the Philippines in 2001.

Mike’s passion and expertise lies in discovering, developing and supplying innovative hotel and spa products which
meet the needs of his discerning customers.

Catherine Brillantes-Turvill is a Filipina who has been involved in wellness, tourism and human resource development for the past 33 years. She is an internationally licensed massage therapist (CIBTAC U.K.), a Certified Work-site Wellness Specialist (National Wellness Institute, Wisconsin USA)and a Certified Wellness Educator (Living Foods Institute, Atlanta USA).

She has also taken continuing courses on natural healing and wellness at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts and the Philippine Institute of Acupuncture. She is the author of the book “Turn Back Time: Natural Anti-Aging CHOICES”
published by New York-based Sorrell Publications.

Cathy has been involved in spa conceptualization, training and development of five star spas and was the Founding President of the Spa Association of the Philippines.

What do we offer


A passion for quality

Cost saving, environmentally conscious innovation

A customer oriented outlook


Hotel and Spa Essentials is headed by Dr. Mike Turvill, who holds a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry from Nottingham University, UK and has over 20 years international experience in manufacturing, product development and sales. Mike works with a highly seasoned team of experts in product formulation and development, graphics design, customer service, marketing and distribution.



Hotel and Spa Essentials is uncompromising in quality. Its Quality Control team ensures that only the best and most carefully screened products are delivered to your hotel. HSE only selects partners and suppliers who share similar values of customer focus and quality.  Hotel and Spa Essentials is fully compliant with all government regulations and has been a recipient of the 2013 Philippine Quality Challenge Award.



Hotel and Spa Essentials introduces innovative products designed to save you money and protect the environment, like the revolutionary EcoKnit Towels, amenity packaging made with Eco-pure additives and a 3-year guarantee on many Corby products.



Hotel and Spa Essentials is your partner in enhancing your guests’ experience. We endeavor to provide only the highest levels of customer service to you. We customise products according to your requirements. We help you plan and anticipate your stock requirements, keep stock in our own warehouse to ensure that what you need is easily made available to you.